Pharmaceutical Machinery

Set up an IV Solution Manufacturing Plant from a World Leading Pharmaceutical Equipment Production Manufacturer with strict compliance to a quality policy of precise controlled process. 

Belt Conveyor, Lamp Checking Machine, Leak Detector, Bag Upping Machine and SRXD Bag Discharging machine, Sterlization automatic cycle system, Soft Bag Drying Machine, Auto Pillow Packing Machine, Ultrasonic Bottle rough washing machine, Bottle fine washing machine, Washing and Filling Machine, Filling and Stoppering Machine, CNGFS filling, nitrogen charging and stoppering machine, CCYS vacuuming, Nitrogen charging and stoppering machine, NFS Nitrogen Filling and Stoppering Machine, FS Stoppering Machine, FG Capping Machine, DSP 100/500 Bottle loading machine, XP 100/500 Bottle unloading machine, SDJ 450 Lamp Checking Machine, USCP 450 Vertical Bottle Conveyor and TZ Linear Labelling Machine